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Basic Skin Care Stay-at-home Routine to Follow

Blueprint on ideal skincare regime to follow at home when you are stuck at home.

During a pandemic the last thing you’re probably thinking about is your skin care routine, but it’s especially important to practice a good skin care routine when life is stressful. If there is a silver lining to this situation it’s that being stuck at home is a great excuse to elevate your skin care routine or brush up on the basics. In this article, we’ll go over the fundamental skin care steps and how to best do them at home.

Classic CTM

Let’s start with the quintessential skin care routine tips. The simple basic routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin goes a long way in keeping it fresh and healthy. Staying in, away from pollution, may tempt us to skip this routine. However, there are indoor pollutants that equally affect the skin, causing it harm.

  • Cleanser: Applying a gentle cleanser in the morning and following a deep cleansing regime in the evening clears your skin from the day’s build-up of dirt, oil, and other pollutants.

  • Toner: Using a mild, nourishing toner with rich antioxidants will rejuvenate your skin, giving it a fresh look. Preferably choose a toner that is alcohol-free (as the alcohol content in toners may make your skin excessively dry and dehydrated).

  • Moisturizer: The secret to happy skin is layering up a perfectly wholesome and nourishing moisturizer to keep that dry, flaky skin at bay. Moisturizing regularly will protect your skin, keeping it supple, radiant, and youthful.

Mask Up

Face masks can protect us from viruses, but when worn for too long they can harbor bacteria and gems that are harmful to skin. However, applying face masks, the skin care kind—not the straps behind the ears kind, can be a great way soothe skin.  There are a ton of options to choose from, depending on your skin type. What is common in all of them is that they draw out impurities, detoxify and soothe the skin, leaving it restored and refreshed. Applying face masks can also relieve stressed-out skin, one of the causes of acne, premature aging, flare-ups, and other skin conditions. Whether you’re working from home or are a full-time parent, masks are easy to apply and leave on while you take care of other things. 


Yes, SPF, even indoors! While you may be sitting inside, if you’re sipping your morning coffee near a window, UV rays are still breaking through. However, it’s not just the rays from the sun. It may be surprising, but even our gadgets harm the skin, emitting High Energy Visible (HEV) light, also known as Blue Light, causing collagen damage. (HEV) light sources include the sun, computers, smartphones, and tablets. While we cannot avoid using them, owing to our work and connectivity, it is recommended to protect yourself from the Blue Light by applying SPF at all times. This is yet another great excuse to try cutting down on screen time, but if you can’t, switching your devices on Night Mode also helps in protecting your skin by limiting the reach of the light to your skin.


The oldest rule in the skin care book is to drink water (8-10 glasses a day). A natural bounce and glow is often synonymous with well-hydrated skin. If drinking plain water is not your cup of tea, you can add a host of ingredients from your kitchen – lemon, honey, cucumber, fresh mint, apple cider vinegar, or even flavored collagen powders. While flushing toxins from your system, these will improve the elasticity and smoothness of your skin, keeping it supple and reducing wrinkles. You can also incorporate coconut water and green tea in your hydration routine. Memorize this formula, ‘Hydration= Glow!’


An often overlooked key to healthy skin starts in the kitchen. There’s no substitute for a healthy and balanced diet that maintains minerals, nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and natural oils that our body needs. The inner state of our body always reflects on our skin, and so, to improve the skin, reach for healthier foods. Snacking on fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables as well as incorporating oils and fats found in fish, nuts, and likewise, prevent not only premature aging, but also improve the collagen production in your skin. Additionally, adding supplements like premium collagen powders in your recipes make a great way to enjoy a delicious meal that takes care of your skin.

Pump it up! Exercise

Exercising daily not only keeps you physically fit and active, but is a miracle worker for your skin. While you work that body out,

  • the sweat flushes out toxins

  • stress hormones reduce, while the body stimulates collagen production

  • toned, strong muscles make your skin look and feel healthier and firm

  • the skin is repaired, giving that instant glow with the heart pumping a good dose of oxygenated blood.

There are plenty of online workouts to choose from that you can do in your own home. Check one out and get moving.

De-stress and Sleep

Stress and lack of sleep negatively influence your skin’s ability to heal, lowers your immune system, and induces skin flare-ups. While the situations around you might seem bleak and dim, you must ensure to take time off to de-stress and rejuvenate. Getting a good night’s rest is one of the ways to enable your body to recuperate and allow your skin to relax. It also helps the skin cells to activate their regeneration mode, replacing damaged or dead cells with new ones. If you find trouble sleeping, you can try healthy, non-habit forming supplements to promote a calm mind and deep sleep. You can also exercise, run, cycle, talk to a friend, laugh, indulge in a favorite hobby, or treat yourself to a nice warm bubble bath. Whatever your choice, go for it!

If followed consistently, these serious skin care tips are sure to make you feel confident and ready to step back into the world again. But remember, beauty comes from within, so encourage and motivate yourself and others around you. Stay fab, stay beautiful!

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